Advanced Pet Laser Therapy In San Diego, CA

Summus Medical Laser (Class IV Therapeutic Laser)

Welcome to your neighborhood’s friendly space for pet care – Torrey Pines Animal Hospital. We’re your go-to destination for expert pet laser therapy in San Diego, CA. We understand that furry friends are truly family and their health comes above everything. Passionate about paw-sitive outcomes, we employ state-of-the-art veterinary laser therapy services providing a non-invasive solution for various pet conditions. Feel the warmth of our commitment and compassionate care at Torrey Pines Animal Hospital. Your pets are not just patients here, they’re part of our extended furry family too.


Laser therapy for pets provides a wealth of advantages. It aids in wound healing, lowers swelling and inflammation, relieves chronic pain, and enhances blood flow.

This non-invasive method is typically free from pain for our furry companions, distinguishing it from certain traditional treatments that might cause side effects or discomfort. Laser treatment hastens recuperation after surgery or injury by encouraging faster cell repair.

Advanced Pet Laser Therapy In San Diego, CA

Laser therapy for pets effectively treats a myriad of health problems such as skin infections, hot spots, and other chronic conditions. We often use it for arthritis pain relief in dogs and cats, delivering noticeable decreases in inflammation and improved mobility for happier, more comfortable animals.

Besides arthritis relief, pet laser therapy also soothes various other discomforts. Felines with acne significantly improve with this method. Laser therapy also supports post-operative recuperation by promoting tissue repair and minimizing swelling or scarring.

Laser therapy for pets employs focused laser light to boost cell growth and enhance blood flow. Administered by skilled specialists, the laser reaches deep into tissues, speeding up healing of wounds and decreasing swelling in animals.

The process is completely pain-free for your pet as it doesn’t create heat or harm tissues. This non-surgical treatment encourages natural healing process within the animal’s body, frequently resulting in fast recovery times and better overall health.

Summus Laser treatments are proven to bio stimulate tissue repair and growth. The treatment accelerates the healing process by decreasing inflammation and reducing pain. When it comes to the management of chronic and acute pain, Summus Laser treatments can provide dramatic results for your pet. That’s the Summus Standard.

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Advanced Pet Laser Therapy In San Diego, CA


Evaluation and Treatment Plan

Our experienced veterinarians conduct a comprehensive examination, considering your pet’s medical history and current condition. Based on this assessment, we create a personalized treatment plan that outlines the frequency and duration of laser therapy sessions. Throughout the treatment process, we closely monitor your pet’s progress and make necessary adjustments for optimal results.

Laser Therapy Sessions

During a laser treatment session, pets simply relax as the therapeutic light energy penetrates their tissues. This stimulates cell regeneration and increases blood circulation, promoting healing from within.

Rest assured that our compassionate approach combined with cutting-edge technology provides top-quality care for your beloved companion during every laser therapy session they receive at our hospital.

Follow-Up and Monitoring

At our animal hospital, we recognize the significance of post-treatment follow-up and monitoring for pets undergoing laser therapy. Our aim is to deliver thorough care for your beloved animals throughout their healing journey.

Our team will arrange regular check-up appointments to evaluate your pet’s progress and modify their treatment plan if needed. During these sessions, our skilled veterinarians will closely observe the therapy outcomes and attend to any concerns you may have.



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