Meet Our Team


Dr. Andrew McClellan, DVM

Veterinarian, Co-owner, Co-founder TPAH.

Background: Full-time Small Animal Vet since 7/2001, working in the vet field since 1994.

Education: DVM and BS from U.C. Davis, 1993 graduate of Torrey Pines High School.

Family: Wife Sophie, son Ewan, and daughter Elise.

Pets: Dog Ruby, cat Maggie, beta fish Francis.

Hobbies: Hiking, mountain biking, camping, various beach activities.

Dr. Brad Steele, DVM, M.P.V.M.

Meet Brad Steele, the co-owner and co-founder of Torrey Pines Animal Hospital.

Background: Brad’s early passion for nature and wildlife, combined with experiences in Africa, inspired him to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. He went on to graduate from the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, where he met his future wife Sophie, and furthered his expertise with a post-doctoral degree in Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology.

Education: Brad’s educational path reflects his dedication to the welfare of animals and the environment. His journey started with a strong foundation in environmental science (University of California, Berkeley degree in Forestry and Natural Resource Economics) and evolved with his DVM degree from UC Davis. He continued to expand his knowledge and skills with a post-doctoral degree in Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology. Brad’s professional interests include Regenerative Medicine, Laser Therapy, Soft Tissue Surgery, Service Animal Care, and specialty care for Rabbits, Birds, and Reptiles.

Outside of Work: Outside the hospital, Brad enjoys surfing, cycling, and traveling. He is married to Dr. Sophie Steele, DVM, and has two sons, Colin and Samuel. Brad’s personal and professional life reflects his unwavering commitment to animal welfare and environmental conservation.

Dr. Sophie Steele SS, DVM

Background: A graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, class of 1999, Dr Sophie has been practicing in the San Diego area for the past 20 years. A native of France, she has lived in many countries including Hong Kong, Brazil and Argentina and is fluent in French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Special Interests: Dr. Sophie appreciates the many aspects of veterinary medicine that focus on fostering the human-animal bond. She is Fear Free certified, enjoys working with cats, addressing behavior issues in dogs and long-term pain management using regenerative medicine including PRP and Stem Cell Therapy. Her happy place is in the surgical suite where she relishes the challenge of soft tissue surgery and has developed expertise in brachycephalic airway (B.O.A.S.) management.

Hobbies: When not at work, you can usually find Dr Sophie outdoors gardening, building something, or out surfing and traveling with her husband Dr. Brad, and their two sons.

Dr. Mumtaz Vora, DVM, ABVP

Her love and passion for her profession led to her pursuit and attainment of the specialty certification by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) in Canine and Feline Medicine .She is also certified by PennHip for hip dysplasia evaluation. Dr. Vora is interested in all aspects of medicine and surgery with a special interest in geriatric patients.

Background: Dr. Vora enjoys cooking, reading, languages and traveling. She shares her home with 2 and 4 legged family members.

Education: Dr. Vora was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. She graduated from the University of Nairobi, School of Veterinary Medicine and then completed her veterinary training in the United States at Tufts University, School of Veterinary Medicine. She then completed and intensive medicine and surgery internship at one of the most prestigious specialty hospitals in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Dr. Briah Tannler, DVM

Dr. Tannler is a San Diego County native. Prior to attending veterinary school she received certification as a Registered Veterinary Technician and worked with dogs, cats and exotic animals in Encinitas, CA. While working as a technician, Dr. Tannler met her husband, an aspiring veterinarian, and they both decided to move across country to attend veterinary school at Purdue University- Boiler up!

Background: Dr. Tannler enjoys volunteering with humane societies and feral cat spay/neuter programs. She has a special interest in exotic animal medicine, dentistry and surgery. She is passionate about staying current with the latest research and techniques in veterinary medicine and enjoys researching challenging cases. In her free time, Dr. Tannler enjoys being outdoors –hiking, surfing and kayaking. She loves cooking and travelling to exciting places with new foods she can attempt to learn to make at home!

Education: As a vet student, Dr. Tannler organized the 2012 Student American Veterinary Medical Association Conference for vet students across the country. She did externships with the Indianapolis Zoo, the San Diego Zoo and the Pet Emergency Specialty Center of San Diego prior to graduation. She also had the opportunity to study abroad at wildlife centers in Iguacu, Brazil. Upon graduating in 2013, she and her husband returned to San Diego to make their home with their two cats – Kingston and Roo and their Red-footed tortoise, Mara. They recently welcomed a new baby boy into their household and are pretty sure that a puppy is next on their list!

Support Staff

Jennie McLennan

Hospital Manager

Jennie McLennan is a native of San Diego and went to school at UC Davis. She has been collecting and fostering animals since she was little and works closely with Thrive Animal Rescue. She loves being able to interact with new pets on a daily basis while also getting to help them and their human families. You can find her doing things with her family when she’s not at work.

Shell Radclyffe

Registered Veterinary Technician

A Registered Veterinary Technician since 1982, Shell is the “Mom” of all things that meow, purr and go bump in the night. Even though she is the resident “cat person” she does really like dogs. She has been a member of the Torrey Pines family since 2014. She enjoys sleeping, reading, sewing and knitting/crochet.

Heather Albers

Registered Veterinary Technician

Heather started her career in the veterinary field over 20 years ago, volunteering as a kennel assistant. She proceeded to move up quickly as a treatment assistant, and decided to pursue a degree in Animal Health. Heather acquired her Registered Veterinary Technician license in 1998, after graduating from Mesa College. She has had the privilege of working with wildlife at the San Diego Safari Park, caring for animals in a research setting, and has a passion for cats, and worked in 2 feline only practices. She has worked at TPAH since 2016 and loves working with cats, dogs, and a variety of exotic creatures. Heather spends her free time with my teenager daughter and my 2 beloved dogs, Brownie and Olaf.

Tracee Leebolt

Registered Veterinary Technician

Tracee is a seasoned Registered Veterinary Technician at Torrey Pines Animal Hospital, specializing in the surgery department since 2020. Graduating from Mesa Community College with associate’s degrees in Biology Allied Health (2002) and Animal Health Technology (2004), she boasts 11 years of experience at Pet Emergency and Specialty Center. In 2016, Tracee earned a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Alongside her veterinary work, she has been teaching Veterinary Assistant classes since 2010, showcasing her commitment to education. Outside the clinic, Tracee enjoys yoga, quality time with family and friends, and shares her home with Murphy, a Labrador Golden Retriever Cross, and Missy, an affectionate cat who adds warmth to her life.

Jessi Edmunds

Veterinary Assistant

An employee of Torrey Pines since 2013, Jessi is in a doctorate program for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. She currently has an undergraduate in Chinese language. She has a strong passion to learn, and attends continuing education seminars in her free time. She has many different animals, including snakes, spiders, scorpions, a dog, and a cat. She has always had a love for animals, and continues to grow her knowledge about all walks of life.

David Roberts

Veterinary Assistant

David was originally born in Richmond Serry, England and moved to the US. When he is not working, he interacts with his 8 rescue dogs, all housed with him. He loves taking the time to give dogs the attention they deserve. He has been working in veterinary medicine for almost 20 years, and continues to learn every day.

Ryan Hays

Veterinary Assistant

Ryan started working at Torrey Pines Animal Hospital because he love all animals and taking care of them, even the feisty ones! In his spare time, Ryan likes going to the gym and playing basketball (Go Lakers). While at home, he enjoy playing video games, watching Game of Thrones, and anything Marvel, while cuddling with his cat and dog.

Diana Hernandez

Veterinary Assistant

Bio Coming Soon!

Monica Smith

Veterinary Assistant

Monica brings a unique background in treatment education to her role as a Veterinary Tech and Inventory Control specialist. Raised in Southern California, she recently returned to the area after being away for nearly two decades. Monica’s journey into the veterinary industry began in 2006 when her family moved to Riverside County, sparking a newfound passion for emergency veterinary medicine. Her favorite aspect of working with animals is playing a crucial role in their recovery and collaborating with doctors who skillfully diagnose their non-verbal patients. Monica’s unmistakable dedication to her profession became evident during her first year, as she eagerly anticipated each day at work. Beyond her love for animals and her profession, Monica possesses a creative side, spending her spare time crafting beautiful masterpieces in her studio, where she combines epoxy and inks to create art.

Marina Talavera

Veterinary Assistant

Born and raised in the vibrant city of San Diego, Marina’s roots run deep in her hometown.

Her journey into the veterinary industry was driven by a profound passion for animals and a desire to make a meaningful difference. Marina’s heartwarming connection with her work stems from the joy of witnessing their patients’ recovery, ultimately granting pet parents more cherished moments with their beloved companions. She finds immense satisfaction in observing the growth and development of animals, watching them transition from adorable puppies to well-adjusted adults.

Marina knew she had found her true calling when she experienced the healing of a patient and the immense fulfillment it brought. Contributing to giving these animals a second chance at life solidified her conviction in her chosen profession.

Beyond her role in the veterinary field, Marina is a devoted pet parent herself, caring for three dogs and a bearded dragon. Her love for the outdoors draws her to the beach, and she finds solace and self-expression in painting. Above all, she treasures the time spent with her family and her beloved fur and scale babies.

Kate Tobin

Veterinary Assistant

Kate is a true native of San Diego. Born in La Jolla, CA, Kate’s lifelong connection with animals was nurtured by a household filled with pets, igniting her passion for veterinary medicine. With over 20 years of experience in the field, she specializes in animal behavior and is an avid learner, embracing the uniqueness of every day in veterinary medicine. Kate’s work with animals transcends a job; it’s a way of life. Her favorite part is helping pets feel better and reassuring their human companions that they’ll receive the same care as her own beloved animals. Beyond her professional life, Kate resides in Encinitas with her husband and their diverse crew, including two human children, four dogs, and five cats. As soccer parents, they spend time watching their daughters play competitively and enjoy camping adventures, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in their bustling household.

Michelle Tolentino

Veterinary Assistant

Michelle, a dedicated Vet Assistant, brings her passion and expertise to the team with less than two months on board. She earned her Vet Assistant Certification from Grossmont Health Occupations Center and boasts nearly eight years of experience working with and raising parrots, demonstrating a keen understanding of their behavior and body language. Michelle has furthered her knowledge through volunteering and interning at Project Wildlife, gaining valuable insights into the basics of wildlife care. Additionally, she devotes her weekdays to an animal shelter, where she has been nurturing orphaned kittens, queens, and their kits for over five and a half years. Beyond her animal care commitments, Michelle finds joy in hiking, exploring new restaurants, and cherishing moments with her older sister and nephew. In her spare time, she also takes pleasure in fostering kittens and other baby animals in need of care.

Cassie Vasquez

Veterinary Assistant

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Cassie moved to San Diego in 2018 after falling in love with all the city has to offer. She has always had a love for animals which inspired her to join the veterinary field along with her Labrador mix who had many sick visits as a puppy. Since joining Torrey Pines Animal Hospital in 2022, Cassie has enjoyed collaborating with and learning from each doctor and technician in order to provide the best patient care that each patient deserves. She also assists the hospital with our prescription food inventory to ensure all diets are accessible for our clients. In her free time, Cassie loves reading, attending concerts, and spending time with her 2 dogs Rezzie, Pauly D, and new kitten, Stella.

Emily Cervantes

Reception Lead

Emily is a native San Diegan, graduated from University of Irvine in 2018 with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. She likes to stay active when she is not working by hiking, going to the beach, and playing with her black cat Basil.

Katrina Flores


Katrina Flores is one of the friendly faces behind the front desk at Torrey Pines Animal Hospital. Having lived most of her life in San Diego, she treasures her grandkids and fur babies, who are the center of her world. To stay young at heart, you’ll often find her roller skating. Her dedication to both her family and her work makes her an invaluable member of the team at Torrey Pines Animal Hospital.

Jen Culkin


Jennie is a native of San Diego and went to school at UC Davis. She has been collecting and fostering animals since she was little and also works closely with Thrive Animal Rescue. She loves being able to interact with new pets daily while also getting to help them and their human families. When she’s not at work you can find her doing things with her family.

Nikolette De La Torre


Nikolette, a familiar face at the Torrey Pines Animal Hospital front desk since September 2023, is a true San Diego native, hailing from National City and currently residing in Chula Vista. While her educational journey is ongoing, Nikolette graduated from Hilltop Senior High in 2016. Her journey into the veterinary industry began in 2020 at a dog daycare center, sparking her passion for helping pets in need, whether through cuddles or nail trims. The moment she realized she was in the right profession was when she found herself surrounded by the delightful personalities of pets at the dog daycare. Beyond work, Nikolette enjoys biking, spending time with friends, attending concerts, immersing herself in nature, and indulging in the playful antics of her tuxedo cat, Hades.

Dara Weeks


Bio Coming Soon!

Maya Kenyon

Kennel Assistant

With a background rooted in a deep passion for animals, Maya is currently pursuing her educational journey in animal behavior and veterinary medicine. Born and raised in California with Japanese and American origins, she brings a diverse perspective to her work. Her love for dogs developed during five years of experience at a dog kennel, where she found joy in helping these furry friends. Outside of work, Maya enjoys playing the piano, reading, and cherishing time with her two older siblings and two beloved senior dogs.

Aly Richards

Kennel Assistant

Kelly Alyssa Richards, known as Aly, has dedicated two years to Torrey Pines Animal Hospital as a kennel tech. Currently pursuing her RVT license through a vet technology program, Aly holds a fear-free certification and is in progress toward an AVA certificate at the Health Occupations Center. With a seven-year background in kennel work and a management certification, Aly stays committed to her professional growth, dedicating spare time to reading veterinary magazines for continuous education. Outside her educational pursuits, she enjoys quality moments with family and friends, exploring breweries, amusement parks, indulging in horror movies or Lord of the Rings marathons, and expressing her creativity through poetry and short stories. Adding warmth to her home, Aly cares for three rescue cats with love and devotion.